More Dancing

Local area dances

  • Boston Gender Free Contra Dance: WebsiteFacebook
    Jamaica Plain. This LGBTQS contra dance offers live music (at most dances) and lessons held at 1st Church of JP. Does not require a partner. Beginners are encouraged to come early.
  • Swingtime Boston: Website
    Brookline. GLBTQS Swing, salsa, ballroom, two-step, and Latin dancing in an alcohol- and smoke-free environment with free refreshments at the Brookline Academy of Dance. No experience or dance partner needed.
  • LCFD Dance Camp: website
    LGBTS weekend dance camps in the fall and spring mostly featuring Contra dancing with some English Country and other dances with live music, dorm housing, meals, and some snacks provided.

Organizations, Conferences, and Calendars

  • International Association of Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs
    Gays for Patsy is the only Member Club of the IAGLCWDC in Massachusetts, but you can find more Member Clubs throughout the states and abroad. IAGLCWDC also hosts annual and semi-annual gatherings for the international LGBT country western dance community.
  • DC OUT
    A weekend of west-coast, line, two step, and more. Usually on Labor Day but in 2020 on Memorial day. A great weekend with amazing instruction.
  • Sundance Stompede
    Usually held in late October, in 2020 it will be combined with the IAGLCWDC conference noted above during Labor Day Weekend. It combined both progressive (qqss) and the style of two step done on the west coast (ssqq) and a whole lot of other dance styles.
  • Lavender Country and Folk Dancers: WebsiteFacebook
    LCFD is an umbrella organization forming a loosely knit group of LGBTQ gender role free dance clubs (“gender neutral” or “role optional”). Supports LGBT musicians since the dances are generally accompanied by live music.

FWIW (For what it’s worth)