Hello Dancers! (or soon-to-be ones)

For more than 30 years, Gays for Patsy (GFP) — a non-profit LGBTQA+ (queer) dance organization — promotes Greater Boston country-western style dancing in a supportive environment. Learn more on our All are Welcome page.

Dance! Learn! Socialize!

Our mission is creating welcoming venues that allow folks to dance, learn, and socialize. We mainly dance (and teach) country two-step, line dance, west coast swing, east coast swing (Lindy hop), and waltz, but we’ve been known to teach nightclub, cha-cha, and more. We have a mix of peer and professional teachers.

Our dances in a nutshell:

Weekly Monthly Yearly
Dirty Water Saloon Queer Country Social
(a.k.a. Lambda Ranch)
Spring Stomp:
A Hoedown in Ptown
Actively looking

We lost our host restaurant (it closed during COVID) but we are are working on locating another venue for our weekly dancin’.
Starting September 30, 2023

One Saturday a month, September through May (and some other days) offers a friendly, alcohol-free, LGBTQ atmosphere.
April 19-21, 2024.

Three dances, five workshops, off-season prices on guest houses, and a lot of smiles. Registration opens soon! See more details
And we have our own award-winning amateur performance group:
The Boston ReneGAYdes.
A group of country dance enthusiasts that learn a routine or two. We perform for our dances, fundraisers, competitions, and more. We got some fun routines and always have room for more. Join, learn more, or book us today!

Upcoming Special Events…

Upcoming special events include a Beyond Beginner West Coast Swing Workshop on January 20, 2024 in Jamaica Plain and Spring Stomp: a hoedown in P-town (Provincetown, MA) April 19-21, 2024.
More info: here

More about our dances

Music: This ain’t yer grandma’s music.

Our DJs play music that draws from a number of genres (mostly country, pop, and R&B) that’ll keep ya on your toes and on the dance floor. Each DJ has their own style, but we strive for songs that are upbeat and positive (with some fun revenge songs, just ’cause). We strive for songs that don’t reduce women to Daisy Dukes and have more depth than red pick-up truck love (but there’s nothing wrong with loving Daisy Dukes or red pickups, just ya kind of get sick of every damn song being that). See Music for some of our DJ’s playlists to get a flavor of what we play.

Experience: Can’t Dance? No worries.

Don’t you fret none, we’ll learn ya! Every one of our dancers started stumbling around the dance floor. We’ve been there — ya gotta believe us. We got lessons at each dance or just ask someone to teach ya on the fly. We’re easy that way. Keep at it, that’s what we do (and even the best of us make mistakes all the time). If you see a line dance you want to learn, we have most of the ones on our Line Dance Stepsheets and Demos page. You can usually go to the stepsheet link and find a demo that you can learn by. (we’re planning a step sheet deciphering lesson soon)

Partner? Don’t need one.

We gotcha covered. You’ll be sure to find someone to get ya around the floor fer three- ta four-minute intervals (Hell, that’s longer than some of my relationships). Two step is pretty easy to pick up the basics. We have a number of easier line dances that you can pick up (or at least get some of). We’ll be putting up tips and tricks soon.

Our Calendar

See our calendar page a full listing of our dances.

Line Dancing Step-Sheets and other resources

Check out our list of line dances that contains the suggested song, step sheets, and demos/tutorials (if available).

For Stomp I added Partner dances we teach and soon will be making a general page that will describe what each partner dance is and resources for it.

More dancing opportunities

For even more dancing opportunities, check out more dancing.

International LGBTQ Dance Conferences and Hoedowns

In addition to our own Spring Stomp: A Hoedown in P-Town, there are a number regional hoedowns/dance conferences (such as DC Out and Stompede) that you can attend.

We are a member and attend the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs (IAGLCWDC) Annual Hoedown, an extended hoedown with many dances, workshops, competitions, and more.

Be warned, these conferences can be addictive: go to one and you’ll keep on going year after year. You’ll mingle with hundreds of dancers from all over the world — well, mostly North America and Canada, but occasionally Germany!

Ask one of our organizers about their scholarship and how to apply.


* LGBTQA+= Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies and more, basically we use “queer” because it’s easier. We’re happy to have you. Come step on toes, make mistakes, and have fun doing it.