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Dance Recap Videos

March 26: Two Step move with Alan Gaskell

Here is the recap from Alan Gaskell on the double turns: (it’s a playlist, there’s three videos in the series; part 1: leaders, Part 2: follower, and Part 3: chaine turns and drills)

March 31: Chaise Turns and Basica Bachata with Alan Gaskell

April 4: Turning and Chase turns with Simone Assboeck

Line Dances

Here are the line dance virtually taught so far:

American Kids: StepsheetDemo
32/4 (count/wall) • Beginner (High) by Randy Pelletier
Music: “American Kids” by Kenny Chesney

Easy Sucker…: StepsheetDemo
32/4 (count/wall) • Beginner by Step5678
Music: “Sucker” by Jonas Brothers

Imeda’s Way: StepsheetDemo
32/4 (count/wall) • Beginner + by Adrian Chum
Music: “Inside Out (Blue Jay Gonzalez Mix) [LatinMix]” by Imeda May

Mucara Walk: Stepsheets: Copperknob IAGLCWDCDemo
32/4 (count/wall) • Beginner / Intermediate by John Steel
Music: “La Mucara” by The Mavericks on Trampoline (UK Version) (108 BPM)

Senorita La-La-La: StepsheetDemo
32/4 (count/wall) • Beginner/Improver by Julia Wetzel
Music: “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

You and Me in the Country: StepsheetDemo
32/4 (count/wall) • Beginner by Mary Lou Crowe
Music: “Y Yo Sigo Aqui” by Paulina Rubio (also “Cold Beer Drinker” by Luke Bryan)

Zoom Tips

You will need the Zoom App or Client though you will not need an account with them. Usually clicking on the room link will bring you to a page where you can download anything you need.

Zoom has a great “getting started” videos and tutorials. Check out “getting started

Eliminating Echo and that damn tone.
There are many possibilities, mostly dealing with the speaker and mic feeding off themselves. See the zoom article, “Audio Echo In A Meeting.”

Toggling mute and live.
When you first enter the room, you might be muted. Look on the lower left of your screen and you will see a mic icon and a video icon. These you can toggle on or off as you want. For example, Eating? Mute audio and video. Dancing? Show your stuff. Going the bathroom? Definitely mute both audio and video.

Pinning a view.
The default setting for zoom is to switch to the active speaker. If you just want to focus on one screen, hover over the top of that screen and “pin” it. You can always unpin later. By hovering over the bottom you can see

Splitting a screen share view.
I will be sharing my desktop so I can share the sound directly so it doesn’t fight with my voice. You can shrink the screen so that you can see the video feed by going to the top of the screen share to the right and clicking View Options>Side by Side. (See zoom’s “side by side for screen sharing“)