Boston ReneGAYdes

The Boston ReneGAYdes (ReneGAYdes for short) are Gays For Patsy’s official amateur performance group. The ReneGAYdes’ mission is to promote Country/Western dance and promote LGBTQ+ (queer friendly) folk through dance performance.

Since 1993, you can find us performing at our annual Spring Stomp, Queer Country Social, and the annual IAGLCWDC conventions. We also perform for charities and other dances.

Here are some highlights:

  • Currently the ReneGAYdes are working on TWO new routines for the 2024-2025 season. We can’t say more than that. We’ve been sworn to secrecy!
  • In 2023, we had tons of fun with a routine called “Smells Like Rockin’ Robin.” Danced to a mashup between two venerable songs “Rockin’ Robin” & “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” we partied like it was 1999- and even rocked some of those sweet 90’s outfits!
  • In 2019, we got swept away sea-shanty style in a Pirate-themed routine choreographed by then-GFP-president Bob Sweeney. 
  • In 2018 Beth choreographed a fun routine that featured a combination of latin, two step, and west coast moves. We debuted it at our Spring Stomp in Provincetown in April, and took second place with it at the IAGLCWDC’s annual hoe down in Louisville. We also performed the routine for Pa’ Bailar with the Mood Swings.
  • 2017 Beth and Bucky each choreographed a number called “how is july beyond the sea?” that won first place in the October 2017 Boston Open Dancesport held in provincetown. Beyond the Sea was also performed to a live band, the Mood Swings Orchestra, a number of times throughout the year.
  • In 2016 we performed we collaborated with our sister group, Big Apple Ranch’s Manhattan Prairie Dogs, on a routine to “Convoy” complete with Greek chorus. Beth cheographed a great latin-style routine to Pa’ Bailar/li>
  • 2015 we learned two routines for the annual IAGLCWC convention in Montreal in July. One of which we competed with at Boston Open Dancesport and got a first place ribbon in the Precision Group Performance category. We are headed to New York to perform for Big Apple Ranch in October.
  • In 2014 our own Ian choreographed a fun night club inspired piece to “Please Come to Boston” for the Denver IAGLCWC Hoedown and performed at the 2014 Stomp and GFP Queer Country Socials. It was well received, I know I got the most compliments of any routine we danced in since I joined the ReneGAYdes.
  • Back in 2013, we did a special piece called “Love Cats” for Halloween 2013 as a fundraiser for Ralphie’s Place, a holistic cat shelter in Ogunquit, ME. It was cochoreographed by Ian and Nina. We had a grand old time prancing around in cat outfits and making the fundraiser a fun time for all.

    The Renegaydes strike a pose during a performance at the Gays for Patsy queer country social dance, June 7, 2013.
    The Renegaydes strike a pose during a performance at the Gays for Patsy queer country social dance, June 7, 2013.
  • In 2012, we performed a routine called “Rhythm of See Me” for the 2012 Stomp! in Provincetown, MA and at the 2012 IAGLCWDC Hoedown in New Orleans, LA. Twelve performers strong with a few first-timers. The routine was a combination two-step and west coast swing number that was a blast to learn. Thank you to Alan Gaskell for choreographing and coaching us through the three and a half months of Sundays and some last minute rehearsals before going.
    2012 ReneGAYdes perform Rhythm of See Me in New Orleans
    2012 team performs Rhythm of See Me


  • In 2010, the ReneGAYdes performed a nightclub two-step routine at GFP’s annual Spring Stomp in Provincetown, MA as well as at the annual IAGLCWDC Hoedown in Austin, TX. Nightclub two-step is a romantic dance that is derived from both the bolero and the rumba. It is perfect for the slow songs.
    The 2010 Gays for Patsy Renegaydes performed a nightclub two-step routine in Provincetown, MA and Austin, TX
    The Renegaydes at Stomp 2010

    Renegaydes 2003
    Renegaydes in New York, circa 2007
  • Since 1992, the group has performed choreographed dance routines locally at fundraisers, social events, marches, and other special events, and nationally on the Gay Rodeo and Hoedown circuits. The ReneGAYdes were the first lesbian and gay group to have performed at a Boston Mayoral Inauguration. Other highlights include a performance at the 1993 March On Washington, winning the silver medal at the International Gay and Lesbian Country Western Dance Competition at the 1994 Gay Games in New York City, a performance at the annual meeting of Staples, Inc. in Boston, MA, a first-ever country/western dance performance in Dorset, England, a country/western dance demonstration at the Dedham Mall in Dedham, MA, a unique joint performance with Southern Country South Florida in Atlanta, Georgia, and first place in the 1995 Atlantic Coast Open team dance competition in Washington, D.C.

Some vintage ReneGAYdes videos: